This star sign is alien to the Christmas party

Forty percent of people had an affair during the Christmas season, 83 percent would do it again and again. And especially a star sign is particularly “vulnerable”

This study has it all: A worldwide survey conducted by the condom maker Lelo Hex apparently some details about sex during the Christmas season. And (unfortunately) we are not talking about cuddly sex of couples after the Christmas Eve shower. If you believe the results of the survey, already 40 percent of people had an affair during the festive season. 83 percent of respondents liked it so much that they would do it again and again.

Which star signs are alien?

Most “accidents” happen – and that’s no surprise – during the company’s Christmas party. Incidentally, those born in Virgo are the wildest. 12.5 percent of them can not resist the stimuli of others (and presumably alcohol). On the other hand, one can rely on the astrological sign Aries most: Only 5 percent of the rams are alien.

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Which departments are still water?

Personnel from sales (20 percent) were rated as “sociable”, followed by employees in the healthcare system (12 percent) and logistics workers (9 percent). More than half of the respondents (52 percent) admitted that it happened when they got together with the work colleague they had previously liked and more than 30 percent said they did not know how it happened – it just happened.

Steve Thomson, head of Lelo Hex, also says, “Another fact is that most births happen in the US around September 19th – if we recalculate anything from that date, we come to December 24th as the date of birth So now is the time to buy condoms from Lelo Hex, “says Thomson.

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