Primal Beauty Secrets

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I?ve had bad skin ever since the age of 12. Bad case of acne. And if you?re a woman who has ever felt self-conscious, unsure or embarrassed about the way you look? Maybe you can imagine how humiliated I felt? how much it HURT me when at 19, a so-called friend stared directly at my face and said:



Yes, even enjoying a delicious steak from time to time can be like a mini-spa day. Over a very short period of time, you?ll discover foods that give you a total head to toe beauty makeover. From now on, you?ll be eating for beauty as well as for health and energy. Foods beat out ANYTHING a scientist or chemist can produce in the lab. What?s fascinating is you?ll see how quickly your skin will respond. Like a plant that?s been starved for water and sunlight, it?ll respond eagerly and favorably to your new food choices. But where do you start? What should you do? Sure, you could try and do all the research yourself. But I have to tell you, it?s technical, it?s time consuming and it?s treacherous. There?s so much misinformation, so many dead ends. So many rabbit holes that don?t lead anywhere. Most of it is rubbish. And when you do find a nugget of information? It?s usually shrouded in so much scientific gobble-de-gook, you spend hours and sometimes days trying to figure out how to apply it. So why bother? Especially when I?ve done ALL the work for you.


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