Oily Skin Solution

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In this guide I will show you how to keep your oily skin under control and STOP the excess sebum (oil) production naturally to make your skin “shine-free” without the use of expensive products which often contain nasty, harmful ingredients and fillers.



I’ve suffered from oily skin and oily hair since my very early teen years, I’ve been teased to the point of tears and spent hundreds on products that don’t work? In my early teen years, oily skin was never a problem for me. I really didn’t pay much attention to how my skin or hair looked back then. As long as my hair was silky smooth, I was happy and content. Next thing I know, puberty happened. I became more self conscious about my physical appearance as more and more pimples started to surface on my face. It was all completely new to me, my skin was also visibly red and looked irritated ALL the time. Not only that, but I also noticed the amount of “shine” on my skin became more apparent. My skin and my hair became increasingly oily. It really wasn’t a pleasant sight to see, and it’s a terrible feeling to feel dirty in your own skin. I would constantly look into mirrors to check up on my skin throughout the day only to feel disgusted at myself even more. It was a bad habit of mine and I eventually avoided mirrors completely because all they ever seemed to do was put me down and ruin my day. I tried countless products for my skin, and I still feel bad that my parents had to spend hundreds of dollars on me. One of the first few products I remember trying was Clearasil? and Clearasil? Ultra, and they both failed to work and only seemed to further aggravate my skin. And then I tried almost every other product I could find on the pharmacy shelves until I eventually resorted to buying “miracle” herbal creams and lotions off eBay.


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