So your outfit immediately looks more expensive than it is

With these simple 6 tricks your bargain look looks like a high quality designer outfit

1. Go to the seamstress

The secret of perfectly dressed people? The fit of the clothes. Just a few millimeters at the hem of the jacket or pants make a suit from the pole a perfectly fitting favorite piece. Especially when it comes to the 12 absolute basics in your wardrobe. It’s best to go to the seamstress right after your purchase – then you’ve got it done.

2. Pay attention to details

Bargains can often be recognized by the details. For example, with a blazer, replace the simple plastic buttons with single pieces of mother of pearl or metal, and the 0815 part looks like a designer piece. Shopping tip: There are single buttons in the haberdashery, the antique market or online at DaWanda. By the way, your tailor does the changing as well.

3. Develop a sense of material

Stay away from elaborate cuts of cheap fabric. Knit sweaters or cotton tops forgive the quality, but with more complicated pieces of clothing like an asymmetrical skirt with pleated pleats, crackles cheap silk and “flies”.

4. Maintain your clothes

A lint roller should be part of your standard equipment. Even a great designer coat looks unkempt when it’s full of lint or hair. Incidentally, this also applies to un-ironed clothing!

5. Invest properly

Most people misunderstand the principle of investment pieces. 200 euros for classics like black high heels? Choose the cheap version of Zara or Topshop, because the pumps will run out fast anyway. On the other hand, you should invest more in eyecatchers, such as patterned dresses or materials such as lace: eye-catching pieces are the center of attention. Do you already know the jeans, which makes you slim?

6. Choose monochrome looks

Contrasting colors or pattern mixes are the king’s discipline when styling. Better: tone-on-tone always looks classy, ‚Äč‚Äčeven with unusual colors

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