This Advent is just beautiful

Because here are beauty strategies that relax us, make you look fresher and are still figure-friendly. Ideal conditions to enjoy the pre-Christmas season

This Advent is just beautiful

1. Family parties without stress

When aunt, grandma and co. Come together for advent coffee, it can get quite turbulent. The anti-stress oil with lavender aroma calms tense nerves. With a rollerball applicator, it is easy to dab on temples and wrists, taking deep breaths three times. e.g. Aroma oil “Stress-fix Concentrate” from Aveda, around 39 euros

2. Christmas parties without a rude awakening

A clever make-up helps against the traces of a long night. Here’s how it works: A foundation with light-reflecting pigments brings a pale complexion back to life in no time. A little rouge in a cool pinkton instantly brings freshness to your face. And the tired eyes look more alert, if only the upper eyelash ring is shaken vigorously. e.g. “Blush Subtle Rouge 021 Rose Paradis” by Lancôme, to 31 euros and “Skin Luminizer Foundation” by Max Factor, to 11 euros.

That’s why you should always have a Ü-egg in your beauty bag.

3. Xmas shopping without foot pain

Your joker for your shopping marathon: a toe squeegee. Do 15 minutes of yoga for the feet and the “Aua” while running becomes “Oh yes!”. How it works: Each toe is inserted into a hole of the toe spreader (it is available in sizes S, M, L. For example, about, around 20 euros), which consists of soft silicone, which is the shape of the toe adapts. This relaxes and relieves the foot muscles, strengthens the feet in the longer term and increases their flexibility.

4. Top hair without a hairdresser visit

The idea of ​​spontaneously getting hold of a dyeing session with the hairdresser before the Christmas holidays is, well, optimistic. If it does not work, do not panic, because there are new products, with which you can hide a growing out approach until the next hair wash so that no one notices. Especially light and natural, this works with a color powder. The is simply painted on the renewable hair and is available in seven shades of platinum blonde to black. e.g. Starting Powder “Root Cover up” by Color Wow, about,
at 39 euros.

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