The 5 most important beauty tips for the transitional period

Exciting skin, flying hair, cracked lips: Every woman knows at least one of these beauty problems. The colder it gets, the more attention the skin needs in the daily care routine. These five steps should not be waived in autumn and winter:

1. Peeling once, please

Before changing the care routine, it is important to remove the blemishes and dandruff of the summer. Microdermabrasion is an intense but gentle exfoliation procedure that removes old skin cells with a diamond grinding head. Advantage: The skin can breathe deeply, the lymphatic flow gets going and the ingredients of rich care products can be better absorbed by the skin. At home, enzyme scrubs are suitable. Mechanical peels are not recommended for sensitive skin or for the winter.

2. Clean more gently

From autumn not only day care and after-care, but also the cleaning products may be richer, best even slightly greasy. A cleansing lotion instead of gel ensures that the skin does not dry out in the first step of skin care. Also for the body you should change from shower gel to oil and pamper the skin after each bath with a rich body lotion or body butter.

3. Pimpen creams

Many care series are available today for a variety of skin types: dry, normal or oily skin. Simply change to the rich variant. If you want to stay with the well-tried day care, the cream should be supplemented with a serum or facial oil such as Clinique Smart Treatment Oil. Both are real beauty boosters, strengthen the skin barrier and stabilize the moisture level. Sera are applied before care, facial oils can be mixed with day or night care. From now on Lip Balms are no longer just a handbag, but should be applied both in the morning and in the evening for bedtime. And thick!

4. Do not forget sun protection factor

Even if the days are getting shorter and the sun is not so warm, you should not forget the sun protection factor for the skin. Whether summer or winter: UV radiation contributes to light-induced skin aging throughout the year. Even if you sit behind a windowpane in the office, bus or car, solar radiation penetrates into the skin layers. SPF 15 is the minimum.

5. Change shampoo

Even the hair is looking forward to more care in the transitional period. The first step, however, is the walk to the hairdresser to cut off sun-damaged, salt and chlorine-damaged peaks. Saturated lightening shampoos should be on the look out for nourishing products, such as the addition of olive or argan oil, which ensure that your hair does not lose its shine despite the cold, cold autumn days. A hair mask once a week strengthens the care effect – you can, for example, super during a sauna session act!

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