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Exciting skin, flying hair, cracked lips: Every woman knows at least one of these beauty problems. The colder it gets, the more attention the skin needs in the daily care routine. These five steps should not be waived in autumn and winter: 1. Peeling once, please Before changing the care routine, it is important to remove the blemishes and dandruff of the summer. Microdermabrasion is an intense but gentle exfoliation procedure that removes old skin cells with a diamond grinding head. Advantage: Read more […]

If you suffer from thin, brittle and quickly tearing fingernails, a natural nail reinforcement is recommended. How it works, read here Advantages and disadvantages of a natural nail reinforcement Beautiful and well-groomed hands are very popular with us women. If your natural nail is very soft or brittle, a natural nail reinforcement is a great alternative to make the nail stable again. Through gel technique, acrylic technique or the Fieberglasmethode fast-breaking natural nails get a firm basis Read more […]