Night Renewal Duo


One moment you?re getting ready for the day… Maybe you?re exhausted from the never-ending requests from your family, maybe you didn?t sleep well the night before, but in general you?re feeling pretty good.



The fact is… The Beauty Products In Your Cabinet Might Be CAUSING The Same Facial Imperfections You?re Trying To Avoid! To explain this, let?s talk about fast food for a second. We all know fast food is not healthy for us. It makes us gain weight, feel bloated, and can cause breakouts. Most of today?s beauty products are like fast food for your face. I know that sounds a little gross, but the fact is, the average adult woman exposes herself and her family to over 160+ different chemicals just from her beauty products? every single day!1 If you?re ready to get the surprise of your life, go ahead and Google all the ingredients on your current facial moisturizer. Start with the first ingredient (that?s the one with the highest quantity), and work your way down the list. You?ll be horrified to discover how many side effects EACH ingredient is hiding. For example, I went to a well known big-box retailers online store and looked up their top selling anti-aging cream – with the main ingredient of Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol contains 8 potentially dangerous side effects, including skin irritation.2Yes – the same product that?s supposed to improve your skin actually causes it to look worse!


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